Fall Racing Schedule – A confession

Fall Racing Schedule – A confession

It seems odd to write about my fall/winter racing schedule when I haven’t even finished up with my A race, but since most people I know are already filling up their calendars, I figured why not get it off my chest! 

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My main fall race is no surprise. I’ve been living and breathing the Marine Corps Marathon for almost a year now since the Organization of Autism Research offered me a spot last year after my fundraising for the London Marathon. Almost everything I’ve done has been towards this A race. 

That being said, I haven’t thought anything beyond October 22nd.

I’m usually a planner and have months and years planned out! In fact, I haven’t even thought about what I want to do after MCM. There are some traditional Thanksgiving and Holiday time races that I usually do, and perhaps the Dopey Challenge (if I meet my fundraising goal).

Confession – none of those are particularly exciting me at the moment.

And it’s not because of MCM training. Other than the one training week that was a bit all over the place due to everything else around me, not once have I felt burnt out or have had a sinking feeling looking at the week’s schedule. 

I wonder if it is because I have been so focused on MCM that everything else beyond is faded. Or if it is because I am looking at beyond MCM with no specific goal.

Perhaps, it’s just too early to make that race schedule without having completed my A race. 

So my fall racing schedule stands at 

October 22 – Marine Corps Marathon

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