PeachKids Triathlon – her First Tri

PeachKids Triathlon – her First Tri

The older minion trained and completed her first triathlon today.  Even though she’s 10, she’s a very very shy introvert who tends to live inside a bubble in her head. When I had asked her if she was interested in a tri, my hope was that the tri would give her the space and confidence to focus and think her mind through a lot of things happening around her. The GA Peachkids triathlon, with the small size and friendly volunteers was a perfect introduction to the sport.

After her debut, the minion shall henceforth be known as Little Miss. FauxTriathlete. 

And now, for the race through mum/Sherpa/coach/cheerleader’s eyes. Hopefully, she’ll write a race report too. 

Body Marking – this might’ve been her favorite part of the pre-race prep.  Just like mum. PeachKids Triathlon - Body Marking

I let her set up her own transition. Luckily, kick stands were ok because there was NO way she could’ve racked that monster weight Walmart bike!PeachKids Triathlon - Transition

I tried to give her space but come on, it was a BIG day for both of us. 

She was very nervous until she started talking to the girl in blue. Funny really because she’s super awkward socially and doesn’t tak to people. The wait until the previous division was all out on the run was the hardest. And to have to deal with an itchy swim cap. And look. – it’s Swim Bike Kid, James, in the background!PeachKids Triathlon - Swim Start

Jump in feet first and she’s off!

She really surprised us on the swim. She swam good! Although it was a bit disorienting to have to switch lanes at each 25yd turnaround. And I love her smile!

T1 was a bit of a fumble. She couldn’t get her helmet strap on easily. I did wonder what she’d do – would she figure it out, would she ask for help or would she stand there wondering what to do? After her initial struggles with the helmet, she put the helmet down until she got her shoes (no socks) on and then put the helmet on, this time fairly easily. 

Still that smile!Just as .. umm…graceful as mum in mounting 😉

The hills were no joke on one part of the course. She told me that she didn’t pass anyone on the bike and got passed by a few kids but never stopped or walked on the bike – and the kids who’d passed her were walking their bikes up. 

She has been training every morning on our neighborhood hills and I could see that it’s worked. The best part – even she realized that. 

Just a 1K run, kids always have the easiest running form!

She ran steadily the entire time, again running up the hills easily. She said that she ran well, but could’ve gone harder on the run 🙂
So proud to be done. She cried a bit saying that she was so proud that she kept going and that she loved it!

And of course, the little minion had to jump in with shenanigans. She was so happy and proud of big sister that she actually asked to sit next to big sister at brunch. And with siblings at perpetual war – that’s huge!

She’s already looking forward to her next one in August, which is a much bigger (more chaotic) race. 

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