25 Days to Chicago – Why am I doing a Marathon?

25 Days to Chicago – Why am I doing a Marathon?

or ….

I had a bit of a conversation with our Speedwork coach after yesterday’s Yassos at the track. At one point, he talked about the mental strength you need to complete 26.2 miles. And remembering why I am running the marathon would help reinforce my goal.

In my obsessed enthusiastic state, I took his words literally and tried to think of WHY I am doing this marathon.

I am not doing it to fundraise for a greater cause (although I would like to fundraise next time around).
I am not doing it in memory of someone.
I am not doing it to celebrate anything.
I don’t seem to be doing it for any of the selfless reasons that so many people do.

I’m afraid I want to do it for myself.
Just because I want to (I can hear myself in my 2yo’s voice saying that).
I like the wow factor that I feel at myself when I complete a good run.
I like obsessing focusing on something tangible.
I like the feeling that I am trying to accomplish something that most people I know would not do in an entire week.

That sounds so …. selfish.

I wonder, is there a right reason and a wrong reason to attempt something? Is there a gray area in between?

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