Goals for my First Marathon

Goals for my First Marathon

As with everything else, I’ve been thinking and rethinking and then thinking some more about what my goals are for Chicago.

I’m thinking KISS.  Keep ISimple Stupid.

So with that theory – My goal is to finish. I want that bling on my neck. Finishing with a smile instead of grimace would be nicer.
End of statement.

But …

I don’t do things simple. I need plan A, B, C, D, …… and then forget everything in the heat of the moment and go with a mashup of the plans, .. or something weird like that.

I’d be absolutely absolutely absolutely thrilled and beyond everything if I get a time in the 5:30s (Avr. pace 12:35). Even though my current Yasso800s and Tempo runs indicate that I could do this if I pushed a bit, I trained the entire summer at only 13:30-13:45 in my long slow runs (based on my time prediction from 8 months ago). So this is a pipe dream for now. Not to be thought of, but nice to look at on paper.

It would be awesome to come in at around 5:40 (avr pace 12:58). 
Judging by my 21 miler, this is a possibility. A distinct possibility as I was trying to run at race pace and I still slowed down the last 3 miles. But a possibility nevertheless.

If I could define a realistic estimate that doesn’t scare my mind too much, it would be 5:45 (avr pace 13:10). 
This is the pace I held for 18 miles during my 21 miles. I am hoping that the race day excitement will carry me through to holding this pace a little longer.
There is also a 5:45 pace group that does 4:1 run walks. And I can stay in and around them with my 2:1

Unless something goes wrong, I know I can do 5hrs 50min. (avr pace 13:22)
This is the pace I ended up with on the 21 miles after slowing down. Its just a matter of keeping going in the last 6 miles with the same consistency.

Let me salvage some consolation by finishing under 6hrs (avr pace 13:42).
Assuming I fade about 90 sec/mile in the last 6 miles, and I’ve been running at 13:15 the previous 20 miles, I can still get to under 6hrs. All I have to do is just keep moving. Walking, running, shuffling, anything.

Damn everything. WTH is the Finish Line. I want my Bling and I WILL cross in 6hrs 30min (avr pace14:51) or whenever the course closes (about 30min more, I reckon – avr pace of 15:59)
I’m not going to quit until I am done, even if everything goes wrong – the weather, the chafing, the GI issues, the cramps etc etc etc.

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