Atlanta Kids Triathlon

Atlanta Kids Tri

Even though this is way long back (What’s a late blog post called? #laterblog? #LaterPost?), I wanted to take time to write out the Atlanta Kids Triathlon. 

Atlanta Kids Triathlon

The Atlanta Kids Triathlon this year was held on August 26th at West Gwinett Park and Aquatic center.  The event with almost 1500 kids, is organized by the Metro Atlanta YMCA is geared towards children age 6 to 15 along with training through the summer. As a fauxtriathlete (once a triathlete, always a triathlete; even though I’ve not done one for 2+ years now), I love that the sport extends to kids as 3 sports they might do everyday. 

The 9yo had had a nasty fall on the trails a week ago and had her hand in a cast and still pluckily raced! She tried to pose like a badass, but then couldn’t stop bursting into giggles. The girl has absolutely no fear on the bike and I was nervous watching her ride with the cast! 
Atlanta Kids Triathlon Ms. FauxRunner has been running all summer and training to develop speed to move up in her XC group, and was in great running shape. Race results say that she ran a 7:xx min-mile (even though we reckon that it might’ve been more of a 8:xx), and I just love this form of her turning on the run course to make the last 100m up a really really steep hill.

Atlanta Kids Triathlon

All in all, a fun day! And a happy mama that my kids are able to be part of something that I do and hope that they will continue with it for years to come.

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