Cheating on my Love

Last week, the FauxRuner took on the role of FauxBiker when I went on my first bike ride with Get Fit Atlanta. 
This wednesday, I took my bike in for some much needed servicing and then rode for a bit after that.
And on Saturday, asked people if they wanted to ride with me and went out for 14-15miles.
The same 2 weeks, I’ve run a total of 4 times; my “longest” being 4.5miles the last 0.5 miles of which my legs and lungs were questioning my sanity. 
I’ve been online window-shopping for bike shorts and have not looked at any running clothes.
I’ve looked up and scheduled spin classes in my calendar while nixing a running day.
I’ve discovered the thrill of a clandestine fling/relationship. While I’m enjoying the rush it is giving me, I am also feeling guilty about pushing running to the sidelines in the name of ‘recovery’. 
I feel like I’m cheating on my love.

First Bike Ride in over 2 years with Get Fit Atlanta
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