Like Riding a Bike

Like Riding a Bike

My main thought as I’m starting to write this – Maybe I should’ve learnt to ride a bike before signing up for Augusta 70.3!

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But riding a bike is as easy as … riding a bike! Right?

Not if you’ve never ridden your bike with clipless pedals and a proper fit (which puts the saddle a mile high from the ground!).

Everyone assured me that I’d fall a few times before I got the hang of the clipless pedals and told me to remember to unclip while coming to a stop. 

I unclipped quite a distance from the stop. I put my unclipped foot on the ground. And promptly fell over the other side. Twice. With the exact same motion, falling to my right (unclipping my left foot).  

The frustrating part is not the actual falling over. It is not being able to pinpoint what I did wrong that caused me to fall. As I see it, it could be

1. Not leaning over enough on the unclipped side.


2. Not being balanced enough when I am putting my unclipped foot down (because I AM putting the foot down). And I have a suspicion that I felt the foot on ground sort of slipping maybe because of the lack of balance or maybe causing the lack of balance, if that makes any sense.

So its on to next week where I get to try it all over again! Maybe I’ll borrow my minion’s knee pads this time!

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How was your first few bike rides with clipless pedals? Did you fall or did you make it through easily?
Any tips that you can share with me so I can get through these falls? 

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