Do you run when you have a cold?

Do you run when you have a cold?

Snotty nose, achy & stiff legs, sneezing all takes a toll. Mentally and Physically. When the weekend rolled around – should I do my long run? Or call it a rest week?

I have been battling a cold (among other things) for the past 2 weeks. I drudged through last weekend’s 11 mile run and felt blah. This week, I set off for an intended 12miles. A mile and a half into the run and I was feeling miserable. My legs weren’t moving, they were stiff and achy and my head felt like it was someplace else.

And for the first time – I gave up and turned back. I didn’t want to come down with a fever after pushing myself.

I tried to use the “rule” for running with a cold.
If the cold is above your neck, go for it.
If the cold is below your neck, stay in.

I might’ve erred on the side of laziness caution, but its always hard for me to figure out if the cold is moving down to my chest or not.

Here’s a Runner’s World article about the topic – Should You Run when You’re Sick?

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