Symptoms during Taper and How to get over it

Symptoms during Taper and How to get over it

These past few days have been very weird. My runs don’t need any planning since they are only an hour or less in duration, so I’m not as mentally engaged in the runs as I was a few weeks ago. I have a lot of time to actually sit down and look through the minions projects!When I finished my run this morning, a 5-4-3-2-1 ladder speedwork, I was surprised at how short it was (only 45minutes) and very flustered at the low mileage!

Symptoms during Taper and How to get over it
Could I not run more, especially since I missed my run yesterday? How am I supposed to run 26.2 miles in 10 days with the desired pace when that pace felt not comfortable for one miserly mile!! I hoped that there was going to be no revisiting of the crazy hunger I had last week that could not just go away (I had to eat 2 whole lunches to feel better).  When someone at work 3 rows down from my desk had a sneezing fit, I about exploded and walked out. 

It’s not me! It’s TAPER!

Some common symptoms of the Taper Madness and how to get over it

Marathon Taper

The mileage has been steadily increasing for weeks and all of a sudden it dips. And you wonder how you are ever going to run 26.2 miles in 1-3 weeks after only a 6 mile run!! 

Resist the feeling of wanting to go out and run a whole bunch of miles. Trust the plan and your training. 

The mileage dropped, but not the runger! You were very diligent about the kind of food you put in your body for all those months (or maybe you were used to eating whatever you felt like because of the mileage you were pulling) but the taper hunger preys and you are craving food all the time. 

This goes without saying – eat healthy during taper. You are not burning the same amount of calories as you did during the heavy training weeks. Watch your intake to ensure you are not adding the pounds just before the race.

One little sniffle can cause waves of panic. And it’s not always unjustified. I’ve had a fair share of falling sick before race day scares and happenings. The body that held up well with intense training is starting to let up a bit in taper and your immune system thinks it can take a break.

Yet another plug for eating right. It helps you to stay healthy and not let down your immune system when you need it the most for race day. 

There might come a moment when you are walking and you stub your toe and you are convinced that you just broke it. Or when you drop a bag of spinach on your foot and are convinced that you just broke it (true story).

If you have any niggles and aches, do get it seen to. But for most part, breathe.

Taper Madness

If you had ever considered a career as a meteorologist, now is your chance! The tapering athlete is without question an authority on all things weather, often checking for changes every 2 minutes or less.

Relax. Weather is one thing that you cannot control or influence. Check the forecast all you want, but don’t fret about it. 

Taper Madness

While race day weather is uncontrollable, you can control what you will wear. And that’s when the gear obsession shows up (or maybe it’s just me). Should I wear a plain top or print? Does this this shoe feel more comfortable than the other? What if my trusted chafing product fails me in the expected high humidity?

Take the time to try combinations of the gear you will use. But remember, nothing new on race day.

Why is the coworker from 3 rows down sneezing so much? Shared office spaces are a fest of germs and everything nasty that lurks around waiting just for you! Why must everyone I meet insist on giving a hug or a handshake? 

Having failed at races due to being sick, I fully support the paranoid germ phobia! Double up on hand sanitizers and stash them everywhere.  

Taper Madness

It’s all normal and part of the process. Take the time to mentally visualize success for all that you’ve worked so hard for. 

And perhaps a word of caution to friends and family won’t hurt either 🙂

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