Upper Respiratory Infection

Not a pleasant thing to end up with 2 months away from one of the biggest days of my life. And school hasn’t even started yet!!
I wasn’t feeling too good during the run last week (but boy am I relieved that the sucky run was mainly because I was on the verge of getting sick and not anything else!) and started a very very mild cold the next day. I say mild, because I wasn’t sneezing or anything gross.
But by Monday, that old familiar pain in my chest came back. It was heavy and I was having trouble breathing. Oh Oh! The last time this happened, a mild yet persistent cough followed and I ended up with Bronchitis and lost 3 weeks of training! When I didn’t get better by Tuesday Morning, I went to the doctor and sure enough, it wasn’t a common cold or a virus (which you just need to wait out until it runs its curse course). 
Am now on antibiotics and hope to recover to run 13miles on Saturday, even though this week has been very bad for my mileage otherwise. And sigh, this week was the first week in more than 3 months that I missed a training run. 
Next week, another story. Lets continue with the party to Chicago!

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