Dopey Challenge Race Report (Compiled)

Dopey Challenge Race Report (Compiled)

This post on the Dopey Challenge Race Report is a compilation of all my Dopey days! Just a little blurb that hopefully makes it easier for someone to search and read them all (SEO – don’t give up on me now!!)

Dopey Challenge


Dopey Challenge: To go Dopey or Not to go Dopey (read before you register!)


Week 0 : The Week Before


Day 0 : The Expo


Day 1 : The Fab 3 take on the Family Fun 5K


Day 2 : Cruella deVille chases down puppies at the 10K


Day 3 : The Pirates have a jolly good time at the Half Marathon


Day 4 : Humbled and Strengthened at The Incredible Marathon


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