Getting Stronger

Getting Stronger

In spite of a shaky 18 miles over the weekend, I think I’m getting stronger! (Singing out of key to the tune of Rocky)

Today’s interval training workouts had me going without feeling like I would die. And I really think I can actually manage the 800s the next time around!

That reading is a trick 🙂 Would love that pace for 3 miles, but alas, its only my 8x3min/3min interval pace when stopping the watch for the 3min break. But I like reading that blitzkrieg pace and it makes for good shock value.

Nice steady pace for all the 8 intervals we did. I kept it 9:25-9:35 and pushing it the last lap at 8:30 first 2 min and 8:05 the last min. Woot! Really really proud of myself.

Side note – That right knee is a tad pesky. Not sure I like how it feels. But it was ok while running. No pain, no discomfort. The rest of this week is all easy runs with an earlier long run on Thursday with my pacing partner instead of Saturday, so I can get an extra day with the family over the long weekend!

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