Making an Effort to take back Control

Making an Effort to take back Control

For the first time in over 6 years, I met with a nutritionist. One who was recommended by a lot of Get Fit athletes.

Why did I decide to get an expensive consult when my food/weight isn’t really that out of control? 
That was the key. I didn’t want to be just getting along
I knew there was something amiss, but with things overwhelming me so much lately I hadn’t been able to make any positive changes from my knowledge. I needed someone to tell me that out of ABCDE, C and D were a little out of whack and what needed to be done to correct it.

What did I learn?
Things that I already knew – I was eating too much carbs when compared to my protein/vegetable ratio. But instead of that “cut down on the carbs” that I was trying (and failing at), I learnt to include a deliberate serving (and more) of protein. Some good meal ideas to go with it and the advice to eat at set times every 2-2:30hrs.

How has it changed me?
Apart from being more aware of what I’m eating, I’m also forced to experiment into new cuisine and new recipes to diversify my meagre collection. Although this is probably only a thing for the beginning days, I’m actually looking forward to it.

Oddly enough, consulting with the nutritionist and getting my eating timings right has taken the pressure off of “healthy snacks” and focused instead on improving the quality of my two big meals.

All I need now is the time and patience to see this through.

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