RAFFLE: SparkleSkirts

RAFFLE: SparkleSkirts

CLOSED: Congrats Erin!

As a lot of people in my running circles know – I LOVE my running skirts! My preferred brand is Sparkle Skirts – pockets on each leg, pocket on waist band and shorts that don’t ride up! I wear mine for running and out about town! 

Sparkleskirts raffle

I’m raising money for Run for Autism to run the London Marathon (my bucket list marathon and the hardest marathon in the world to get into, even with a charity spot) with 100% of funds raised going to the charity and not travel expenses/registration.

I’m raffling off 2 Sparkles skirts $75 gift cards, one donated very generously by Yanni Robel. A $20 donation gets two entries into the raffle and $35 gets 5 entries.

If I raise more than $1000 in this raffle, I will add in a third $75 gift card along with a $50 gift card to InknBurn. If the amount raised is more than $2000, a 4th $75 gift card is in along with another $50 gift card to InknBurn!

Donations can be made directly to my page. In the notes please reference the word SPARKLE so I can put you in the drawing. Please do not make your donation anonymous as I will need to know your name for the raffle and to contact you.

Entries will be taken until Friday 9/25 at 12pm PST, winner announced Saturday 9/26 by noon. Winner will be selected via randompicker. Com

Donate at – http://london.fauxrunner.com


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