Training Recap: A Miserable 16 miler

Training Recap: A Miserable 16 miler

Last week was a very weird week and a low one for me on the training front. I started the week very sore from the Sunday’s 16 mile trail run but had a really really hard time finding energy and enthusiasm for anything else. As a result, my eating habits plummeted. Which in turn caused my energy levels to dive down more, which then caused my eating habits and workouts to go down, … a vicious cycle. Which all culminated in a miserable 16 mile run when I completely crumbled at 11-12 miles – just completely done and hit a wall hard.

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The long run was an eye opener and one that I really wished I could close my eyes to. 

I had 16 miles on the tap and it was to be a pace based effort – 3 miles of warm up, 10 miles of MP + :20 (13:30), 3 miles of MP – 10 (13:00). I have always struggled at these paced based long runs, even last year when I had coach behind me to boost me up. But my attitude towards them have changed this year – I no longer fear the paced based long runs, but I look forward to it as a workout that is *just* beyond my reach and one that I will strive to achieve.  


This is my BIG one. I could see my energy drain every single day this week. Yet I didn’t do anything to counter it. Went on with life as usual and ate some sugar for a quick pick me up.


After this run, my confidence level dropped to sub zero. I thought I had had a good 15 mile run with the last 5 miles at MP effort and then a good easy 16 mile trail run. But the way I crumbled on the long run, even if there probably was a host of reasons behind it, doesn’t do anything the goals I was aiming for.


Yes, motivation. I was blah all of last week and just had no energy to run. I usually push through and this week, I didn’t and I missed 2 midweek runs and 1 spin class. At 7 weeks out, that is a huge step back. 


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