Highlights of 2013

Highlights of 2013

The time between Christmas and New Years is recap and summary time.
Just like last year, I am following Miss. Zippy’s lead in looking back at “How was your year of running?”

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Best Race Experience

2013 was super low key for me with no major races. And the 2 major races I did this year tie for best race experience.
I went into the race burnt out, completely under trained and experiencing all sorts of weird niggles and pains, but Little Rock Marathon rekindled my love for distance running and inspired me to keep on trudging.
And then there was the Acworth Women’s Sprint Triathlon, a race that I signed up for just a few days before but trained diligently throughout the summer break. It made me fall in love with triathlon and inspired to match my husband’s efforts at longer distances (in a couple of years though, I’m in no hurry!)

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Best Run

Hard to pin one particular run, but I’ve loved the trail runs I’ve done.
And every single run with my run buddies ranks as my best ones. Weather, pace, terrain, nothing holds a candle over the company of BRFs where the talk ranges from everyday life to cosmetic surgery to relationships.
And this goes without saying – every run I’ve had with my minions has been the best ever!

Best Piece of New Gear

Not running related, but this HAS to be my new bike. She is gorgeous and just perfect for me, in looks, size and specifications. I only rode her during summer while training for the triathlon, but I hope to get to know her much more the next year. And I’m already on the trainer with her for some cross-training and to be ready for next season!

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Most Inspirational Runner

Brothers Brent and Kyle Pease of ‘Walking with KPeasey’ completed Ironman Wisconsin, an amazing example of determination and perseverance. They were also the first assisted pair to complete the Peachtree Road Race. Read their race report and another race report. Keep your tissue box nearby.
They continue to inspire the community way beyond race day through Kyle Pease Foundation. (The Kyle Pease Foundation, promotes success for young persons with disabilities by providing assistance to meet their individual needs through sports and competition. Programs include scholarship opportunities, purchasing adaptive sports equipment, and participating in educational campaigns around Cerebral Palsy.)

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If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? 

A bit of everything (running, yoga, crossfit, triathlon),
a bit of focus lost and regained (running goals defined),
a new love gained (triathlon and crossfit) and an old love reclaimed (running!)

Join Miss Zippy and Me by reviewing your year in running (or triathlon). How was your year?
Share it here in the comments and link it up on her site.  


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