I Can … But I Didn’t

I Can … But I Didn’t

My usual weekend run recaps are a reflection on my enjoyment or struggles. And they involve double digits, some lessons learned, some sunshine to keep me going and the runners high that I am addicted to.
This weekend run was “only” 4 miles “long” but writing it down is rather hard for me. Because it is making me face up to the fact that I did not take this run seriously.

I was a little distracted even before the start, thinking about drama over social media (which brings out the UN-social in people!). And unable to snap out of it when the run started. I was too complacent, missing the fun, enthusiasm, the hunger and that tinge of nervous excitement that I usually feel before every single run with the group.

I tried to tell myself that I was still too sleepy, that I liked socializing while running (had a fast runner with us who I had never run with before), that my mind was on other things but that was no excuse for my midset.

What I need is

  • a goal
  • a plan to get to the goal
  • a training buddy to share the goal with (kind of weird, because I run with some amazing people and we all have similar goals. So this is hard for me to quantify .. )
  • a swift kick for some attitude adjustment
I can ... but I didn't
I can … but I didn’t

Have you run/exercised without a definite goal in front of you? Does it bother you or do you just go with the flow?
How do you snap out of it?

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