I’m Going to Bootcamp

Best Body Bootcamp
Best Body Bootcamp

Last week while catching up on my blog readings, I came across one that mentioned doing an online bootcamp.

Huh? An online bootcamp?

I was intrigued and had to check it out.

Scheduled by Tina Raele and called “Best Body Bootcamp”, the description read “An 8 Week Fitness Program adapted for all fitness levels and geared to improving your lifestyle.” I have been trying to land on a strength training routine and was having time conflict issues trying to find one. At $25 ($35 late start) and everything delivered online, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try this; atleast until I got my other stuff figured out. (I am very good at learning about good form and making sure I follow it, so I wasn’t afraid of hurting myself)

Tina sent over google docs with ways to check-in and exercise routines along with description videos and modifications (both harder and easier). When I read through the entire document, I was sure that I knew what was expected of me!

I’m taking my measurements and everything else tonight, so I can be ready to see progress.

Can I say that I’m excited to *finally* have some kind of structure and not to have any guesswork about strength training!!

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