I am usually all over a challenge like Miss Zippy’s Best Run Link Up.
However, since I have hardly run since my Little Rock Marathon, this was really a challenge for me!

What makes a run a “Best Run” anyway?

A good pace/splits/distance
Running a good pace with even/negative splits always makes for a great run for me. In my training cycles, I am usually all about hitting a certain pace that it is  very elating when I am able to stick to it. I don’t usually try to target a pace for my long runs, so most of these runs are on my tempos/intervals. But there is always something about a long run that makes you hit a high at a certain point and for me, I hit it easily and I usually maintain it.

Stress Relieving Runs
Whoever cameup with the tagline “Running is cheaper than therapy” could not have been more right. There is nothing that a gentle reflecting run, or a hard crushing run or everything in between cannot fix (mostly, anyway). I’ve run to escape from post partum depression, from a job loss, from a fight with a spouse, from work stress, from screaming kids and plenty more.

Great Running Buddies
Long run + running buddies. How could the combination go wrong? Not always preferred for training at certain paces, but such a stress reliever and a great way to catch up and talk about everything including boyfriend/husbands, boob jobs and other cosmetic surgery and just general awesomeness. (Have you checked out ‘The List  – What savvy runners will be talking about this weekend‘ at Remy’s World on Runner’s World)

Granted I haven’t run in too many places other than Atlanta and its suburbs, some of my favorite runs have been when I’ve started to go up on local trails. Providing a surprising hideway in the midst of concrete, the trails have challenged me not just by their terrain. But also by challenging my ability to quiten my mind and enjoy the moment.

New Running Gear
As frivolous as this sounds, I am super motivated whenever I have something new. New running skirts from my favorite SparkleSkirts are the best! Or a Tshirt with a favorite quote, or a headband, or even new capris and socks. And no kidding, I had the best run of my training cycle in fall last year when I wore a brand new sparkleskirt for my 18 miles.

For this week’s “Best Run” however, I chose a run that wasn’t really a run in the actual sense. There was movement forward (and backward) and I was on my feet, so I figured it was worthwhile enough. But I had the best running buddies that I could ever wish for, we discovered a new place (new to us), we picniced and we played, we explored new trails, we wondered at the depth of water, we ran some, we walked lots, we moved forward some, we backtracked a lot, and we had a marvelous time.

Best Run/Walk – Trails at Morgan Falls Park, Sandy Springs, GA
Best Run/Walk with my favorite running buddies – Trails at Morgan Falls Park, Sandy Springs, GA

What has been your #BestRun recently or in the past?
What made it your best run?

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