Injured Runner Alert – a saga of freak injuries

Injured Runner Alert – a saga of freak injuries

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Ever since the Teardrop Half Marathon on April 28th, I’ve been jinxed with one injury after another.

At first it was patella tendinitis diagnosed 4 days after the race, probably caused by quads not being strong enough to support the impact the knees took at the downhill of ~2000+ ft in 7 miles.

Once I went through PT and healed from that in 3 weeks, it was a freak incident of a meniscus pinch as I was putting my kids to bed. Another 3 weeks of healing and got the clearance to start run build slowly.

But 4 runs in the familiar patella/knee pain returned, only this time to be diagnosed with needing to re adjust to running and physical activity!!! 

I went from consistently running 20 miles/week of keeping base to nothing and loosing all the base that I’d worked for so hard over winter. 
I went from almost PRing a 6 year old 5k time and smashing a 13.1 PR to struggling to run 3 miles. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 10.23.25 PM

I’ve withdrawn from my A race, Revel Mt. Hood marathon in Oregon. I have been aloof from my blog and not really wanted to write either. It’s a simple injury and people face far worse, and as Mr. FauxRunner said, I’ve made it dramatic by even canceling our family vacation to Oregon that was built around the Revel Mt. Hood marathon. 

Now once again, for a third time, I’ve been given the clear to start running and working out. When my second freak injury happened, I asked to take a break with Coach G and that in itself is scary. A far cry from attempting to PR at Mt. Hood or NYCM, my goal is to get to the start of NYCM healthy. Hopefully, it’s third time lucky recovery start and I can recover to some form of my former fitness as I rebuild slowly.  

Here’s to a fresh start after a slew of freak injuries and here’s to the path of recovery.

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