Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming

In 6 days, at this exact moment, I’ll be lined up on the dock at Augusta waiting to take the jump to my first 70.3 triathlon.

Coach asked me earlier today how I was feeling. I can’t seem to muster up an THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE IN CAPS yell, but I’m not at the opposite end of I’m nervous to the point of puking either. I’m somewhere in between the two. 

While it is hard not to be pulled in by peripheral things out of *my* control like the weather (right now, the forecast is 70% rain while on the bike), I’ve surprisingly managed to not freak myself out with those. 

I’m focusing on what I CAN do. And what I WILL do. 

I will not give up.

There will be dark moments in my mind. I will replace them with happy unicorns and singing fairies within 3 seconds. 

I will take just one swim stroke more, just one pedal stroke more, just one little run step more. All the way until the finish line.

Things might go wrong on race day (or race eve). I’m prepared to face that without freaking out too much. Things might go perfect on race day. I’m prepared to embrace it.  

Just keep swimming.

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