Pass Them Like You Love Them

Pass Them Like You Love Them

Pass Them Like You Love Them

If you google bike safety, you will find a lot of articles that give advice on how to ride safely. Like – wearing helmets, wearing visible clothing, using hand signals, etc. There is even a good article to help understand how to avoid common types of collisions

But what about the car drivers? 

I’d like to think that most car drivers aren’t sure what to do when they see cyclists riding in front of them. Yes, there are those drivers who are just plain doucheroos and will play cat and mouse. But for most part, drivers wonder if they should pass the cyclist or if they should tag behind. 

Meghan Degan, a professional triathlete from Atlanta, started the movement “Pass Them Like You Love Them” after one doocheroo driver caused an accident that killed Frank Guinn and injured Andrew Powell at New Orleans last year. 

Pass Them Like You Love Them

Reposted here with Meghan’s permission. Also check out her post for more details and for steps that both driver and cyclist can take to ensure that tragedies like this are averted in the future.

  1. If you don’t have at minimum a 3 ft. separation between ANY part of your car and the cyclist, it is illegal to pass the cyclist. If you have room to give more…give more, for the sake of the cyclist and the law.  (According to Georgia law 40-6-46  you must pass a cyclist giving them a “safe distance”, defined as no less than 3 feet.)
  2. Don’t pass on a corner or turn.
  3. Don’t pass on a hill.
  4. Pay attention to the cyclist you are passing as well as the road ahead of them.
  5. Don’t pass a cyclist then make an immediate turn (right or left).
  6. Cyclists are going faster than you think; don’t make the mistake of turning out in front of a cyclist. 
  7. Pass quickly, but not too quickly.

Bottom line – be patient, be cautious and pass them like you love them. A few seconds of delay waiting to safely pass the cyclist is not going to mean the end of the world.

“If you take your time and you pass them like you they were your sister or your brother, your mother, your father or your daughter or your son, that’s when things are going to get safe and when people are going to stop dying on the roads,”

How can YOU help raise awareness? 

“Like” the facebook page for Pass Them Like You Love Them.

Join and watch for details on the social media blast event scheduled for May 28th (tomorrow). 

Share this post (use the share buttons at the end of the post and/or use the tweet link) and/or Meghan’s original post about pass them like you love them.

Let everyone in your circle know that you are a cyclist or that you have a loved one who is a cyclist. And let them understand that everytime they see a spandex clad person in helmet and bike, it could be you or your loved one.

Share the awareness to Pass Them Like You Love Them.


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