PTS Allatoona Sprint Triathlon

PTS Allatoona Sprint Triathlon

8 years ago, I couldn’t run/walk a 5k (heck, one KM) getting up from the couch and off. 3 years ago, I don’t think I could’ve done a sprint triathlon getting up from zero training. 

I’m so thankful to be able to do that. And it looks like this particular race is my one race where I do things without training. 

I’m not a fan of racing without training. Not even for the bling. Not anymore. And hence I had my reservations in going through with the race. But I had already signed up and why not. I did ok – I will not dissect each segment because when I don’t put in the training, I have no right to expect the result I would’ve liked. 

So here are some photos until I wait for the official photos and results. And for photos others took of me. 

The valve of my tire broke as I was trying to pump air. It was still locked so I could’ve been safe, but I didn’t want to take any chances and the awesome guys at Cannon Cyclery changed the who tube for me in a jiffy. 

I was surprised to find a corner spot even though I got to transition only at 6am – having opted to nap fo half an hour in the car before I brought my bike over. 

Barry had signed up with me and I doubt if I’d have showed up to race if not for him. 

I though I wasn’t going to write anything about the race, but I changed my mind – I want to document not my performance but my attitude. 

  • I wasn’t nervous of the swim. Not because I had done OWS couple of days before, but because I knew what I had to do – put my head down and swim.  
  • I am a very bad climber on the bike so I gave it my all during the flats and the downhills. My lower back started to ache but I kept at it until the end. 
  • I kept pushing the run and never once gave up trying to pass the scarce number of people left on course. I think I passed 3 people and successfully held off another 2 who were chasing me down. 
  • My legs were strong and I ran up almost all the way (2-3 short walk breaks at the peak of the worst hills). But my heart rate peaked as usual and I was audibly grunting on the run (something I never do). Unfortunately, that’s what slowed me down, the feeling that my heart was in my throat. I wish I knew what the HR was all about and why mine is so high inspite of my endurance low zone training.
  • There’s absolutely no better thrill than when I’m at the start and finish. 

No matter how much I say that I’d like to stay away, I think I love this sport too much to stay away too long. I’m sure there’s more goals and races and dreams in my future. 

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