Pinspiration Friday: Be Positive

Pinspiration Friday: Be Positive

I had been feeling a little out of things these past few weeks. It was just an off feeling, a nagging feeling, nothing concrete that I can put into words. In fact, I do NOT want to voice it and put it into words. For there is power in words. The only times I was cheerful is when I’m with my minions, when I’m busy or when I’m talking/texting with friends.

Part of it could be that I’ve been a temporary single mom these past weeks and it is taking it’s toll on me – but this isn’t new. Part of it is the weather (Can we shoot the Groundhog and Elsa and just be done with winter!).

Part of it is also is I think missing the sweat and exhaustion of peak training months – post marathon blues are very much real, people! 

I suspect there are other internal factors and I am trying to figure out what is going on that is causing my blues. And I have a confession to make. But I don’t have the courage to come out with it right now. I will eventually. 

But in the meantime it was messing with my head. Thoughts were getting into my head and I was diverting energy from my everyday awesomeness to keeping those thoughts under control.  After a while, I stopped fighting with the thoughts in my head. I figured I needed a way to deal with them.

To be honest, the thoughts in my head were similar to what a lot of people have. Just simple, negative thoughts. Nothing earth shattering. Just everyday, ordinary thoughts.

So I just decided to shove my thoughts (not the issues, just my thoughts) under the carpet for now, to be dealt with when it was time to face them. 

What is the point of thinking over and over when you are not getting anywhere? I’ve been accused of overthinking in the past, but that is part of who I am. I think and I analyze. And then I re-analyze. (That’s my job in real life too!) Just this once though, I didn’t.  Shoving my thoughts under the carpet took them out of my sight. Out of sight = out of mind.

Just like that, my fog lifted.

Or cleared a bit at least. Things were brighter and clearer.  

Not allowing myself to dwell on negative thoughts was a simple enough action that helped lift me out of the fog. 

 Positive on the Inside I found this saying on Pinterest and decided to use it as my theme for this post as my Pinspiration Friday. Original image from What is Pinspiration Friday? Every other Friday, I scout around that wonderful place Pinterest (which I refer to fondly as Facebook on crack!) for motivation and inspiration to share.

What do you do to drag yourself out of a mental funk? How do you combat persistent negative thoughts in your head? 


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