PINspiration Wednesday: Be Prepared & LinkUp

PINspiration Wednesday: Be Prepared & LinkUp


Pinspiration Wednesday

What is PINSPIRATION WEDNESDAY? In short, you write about a motivational quote or inspirational thing that you found on Pinterest (or anywhere else!). You are encouraged to look through other pinners and pass the love. More details here. 

Today’s Pinspiration is simple –



When you take on a goal or a challenge, when you are looking at something that is outside your comfort zone, be prepared.

“Yeah, be prepared! We’ll be prepared! But How?”  (Slight liberties with those lyrics there)

1.  Training Plan

Be prepared with a solid training plan. It is the foundation of everything else. Having a plan not only gives you a realistic path to get to your race day, but also brings about a routine and structure around your life.
My real life is usually gets chaotic with little notice and I welcome the discipline my training plans imposes on me. It is an easy item to cross off my checklist. 

2.  Hard work

Be prepared to put in some hard work.  “Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.” says Booker T. Washington. “Hard is what makes it great”. So many quotes come to mind.
And one Indian proverb that my mum always used to tell me (borrowed from wikiquotes here)

“Kai Kesaradare, Bai Mosaru”
Implied meaning: Hard work pays you rich dividends
Literal Meaning: When your hands get dirty(while working) your mouth will be filled with food.

3. Race Plan

Be prepared on how you want to tackle the race. Think about your pacing, fueling, hydration, everything you can in advance. Don’t let race day take you by surprise. 
I’ve been told that I fret and worry a lot about raceday. I say I’m being prepared for race day and focussing on frivolous things helps calm my nerves over the things that really matter.

4. Mental Plan

Be prepared that you are doing to be working hard on race day, not only physically but mentally too. Have tricks like power words, visualizations, pure grittiness, etc ready when your mind begins to start playing tricks with you. The mind is the strongest weapon you have and be prepared to make it work for you.
Although I had two completely natural childbirths (one on purpose), I don’t think I have a high threshold of pain tolerance. Yet what helped me to tolerate the pain was knowing that it was going to hurt. My power words that I’d chosen for this race, “Steve Waugh” (long story … 🙂 ) and “Smile” would come out to propel me. 

5. Success

Be prepared that you might, that you WILL succeed. Fear and uncertainty is one of the biggest things that hold us back (it is true for me). But if you removed that fear out of the equation, … what if you *could* succeed, how would you approach race day?
My fear on race day always has been what if I could not make my goal (whatever the goal is). So I’d either take the easy way out and not try at all (not proud of that, but done that), or I’d not quite make it to my potential. During the Georgia Half Marathon, just before starting the walk to the corrals, I told Marietta that I was going to go for it. That was the first time I’d verbally said that aloud to someone else (other than Mike). And it gave my mind permission to envision and prepare for success. [Similar thing happened during my best marathon at New Orleans when verbalizing my plans to Barbara gave me confidence! And during a 5K when I said that to Karen at the start line.]

In case you are curious – Why the lines of a dark song said by a villain (even if he is one of my favorite villains to hate!) for today’s Pinspiration?

One – AVC Endurance (created by Chance), stands for Amat Victoria Curam (Victory loves preparation). The coaches, Mike included, often post with the hashtag #GetPrepared. And I want to give a shoutout on how Mike has changed my outlook on races (something that Mr. FauxTriathlete has tried unsuccessfully for ever!) along with preparing me for the race.  
Two – Julie at Run, Walk, Repeat is having a April #PinItForward Challenge and I found this graphic on her Pinterest page, so it is an entry/acknowledgement to that as well.
This is also my contribution to the Fitness Friday LinkUp with Jill Conyers.

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