Virtual “Race a 5k”

Virtual “Race a 5k”

Race a 5k
Come race a 5k with me!!

Calling on all my running and walking friends everywhere because misery awesome loves company. I’m trying to get this going as a pure selfish personal challenge and would LOVE for people to join in!!

What is it?

It is an impromptu 5k “race”! Just like any race you would run on a weekend! Except you run it at your start and finish line. Oh – and there is no medal or swag waiting for you at the finish. (Come on now – you really race for the thrill not for the rewards, don’t you!)


Tuesday July 15th. (If Tuesday is your rest day, Monday or Wednesday works too!)
Since I’m a morning person, I’m likely to start the ‘race’ at 7am EDT. But I will leave it up to you to pick a convenient time. If you are in the Atlanta area and want to join me in person, let me know and I will hook you up with the location! There might even be some treats waiting at the finish for you!

Where is this ‘race’?

Anywhere you want!
You choose your course. Flat/ uphill/ downhill/ hamster wheel/ track/ anywhere ….

What to you need to do?

This is a “race”, not a training run. Warm up, do your drills, whatever you need to get you ‘race ready’. And then race a 5k – as hard as you can! Comment or message me on facebook/twitter/email me  about your effort and you can pass on the #IRacedA5K love too!

What will you get out of this?

  1. Either you have been training for a race and this is a good benchmark to see where you are at, or you are just starting out and it’s a good benchmark to see where you are starting out from!
  2. You’ll have the satisfaction of having pushed me to race, and to share ‘race reports’ and come on – who doesn’t like to race?
  3. The wonderful afterglow of having raced when you didn’t have a plan to race at all!

So – who’s in?!!

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