A runDisney Meetup RoadTrip to Atlanta

A runDisney Meetup RoadTrip to Atlanta

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A classic example of being in the right place at the right time. In cyberworld, that is.

A few days ago, there was this tweet from @rundisney, that I honestly didn’t give a second thought to. I mean, what are the odds that they’d pick Atlanta, right?

And then, at about 10:40am as I was idly browsing facebook, waiting for a conference call to start, a few friends from an Atlanta Disney Facebook page told everyone to go look at RunDisney’s latest tweet.

runDisney meetups are highly popular events and are taken up within seconds, so at  11am, I was ready. Apparently, so were tons of others.

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Finally made it to the page and RSVP sent off. Luckily, it was very simple and all I needed to do was send in an email with my name. No long filling out forms and such that would eat away precious moments.

Luckily, after that my day got busy and only towards the end of the day I saw the tweet

I couldn’t believe it! I made the meet-up list! Elated and excited and thankful for blogger friends for reminding me to register for this event!

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Check out some of the other bloggers who have made the runDisney meetup. Looking forward to hanging out with these wonderful people!

Have you been to a runDisney meet-up before? If you did, what was your experience?
Are you one of the lucky 100 who made it to the Atlanta event? Let me know and I look forward to meeting you on November 16th!




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