Running the Ragnar Relay Napa Valley

Running the Ragnar Relay Napa Valley

Running a Ragnar Relay has been on my bucket list of races and when Dimity and Sarah (SBS), the awesome ladies at Another Mother Runner announced their Ragnar Napa contest, I didn’t want to miss a chance running the Ragnar Relay Napa Valley! I don’t usually send in my entries, mainly because I have very little creative imagination and very little time. But this time I had lots of time and with some help from my minions, I sent in my entry.

And today – What better way to start Monday morning than to get the fabulous news that I’ve been picked for the Mother Runner Team for Ragnar Napa Valley!!

I’ll be joining Dimity and SBS along with 9 other mother runners as part of team The Badass Mother Runners to take on the 200 mile journey in 48 hours from San Francisco to Napa Valley. Miles, sleep deprivation, stink. Sounds like loads of fun!!

I can’t wait to meet the rest of the team on September 18th in San Francisco!

The best part so far has been making the video with my kids. They got into the spirit and helped me think of scenes and songs and dialogues. And this video is what we ended up with that earned me a place in the team. In Dimity and SBS’s words – Smitha Barki was one of several mother runners who crafted new lyrics to this year’s mother runner anthem of “Let It Go.” We chose Smitha because, a) she also rewrote to other songs from “Frozen,” and b) her daughter belts out the songs like nobody’s biz!


I’m looking forward to training and running my first Ragnar Relay! Many thanks to Dimity and SBS, the folks at Ragnar and all of the other sponsors for this wonderful opportunity.



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