Shout Out of the Week

Regular musings and ramblings on the blog is interrupted to give a HUGE shout out to Ashley !! She is not a stranger to this blog, having been featured last year on her adventures in double-strollerdom. At that time in September, she was thinking about attempting the RnR Seattle Marathon. But she changed her plans.
On Sunday, she ran her first marathon at IMS Arizona Marathon! 
What an amazing journey this has been – dedication, motivation, getting through injuries, never giving up hope. And now – she is a Marathoner!

I have to say this – the next best thing to your running a distance that you love is to watch your friend run that distance.

She’s earned it!

Pop-over to her FB page and give her some props!
Congratulations Ashley!
Enjoy your well deserved medal and don’t take it off for a whole month or more … 
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