Taper Time Madness – 1 Week to New Orleans

I’ve slogged my way through 2 weeks of taper and this last week is getting to me.
  • I’m feeling every little twinge in my legs. I’ve had 2 massages to work kinks out and when I still feel my hamstrings, I am a little more nervous (although my massage therapist assures me that feeling my hamstring means it is not tight).
  • I’ve been germaphobic to the extent that I convinced my 6yo to have her birthday party after I came back from New Orleans. BUT I’ve had an attack from the germs that my husband brought home (really, he has no business to bring home germs at 40!). The antibiotics have left me week, and mentally tired.
  • I am trying to divert my mind thinking of other things like getting a new wardrobe for a new job, finding daycare and after school, etc etc. But all I want to do is think think and think some more about the race.
  • I’m trying to listen to people talk about mundane everyday things but really what I want to do is talk about my obsession. Can anyone not see how much this is consuming me? And really, could my husband be any more hard-hearted in refusing to talk about my race or running in general. 
  • I could get a degree in meteorology by the amount of study I do on weather patterns. I’ve tried to stay away from it and not obsess it as much as I did during Chicago, but its hard not to open, at least 3 times a day,  the 5-6 weather apps/stations I have bookmarked. 
  • I could be a strategist by the amount of time I’ve spent on looking at pacing charts and speeds and distances and all things race day strategy. When really all I have to do is use a bit of common sense and RUN.
  • I’m going bi-polar. At times I’m confidence personified, full of positive energy, telling myself how I’m going to achieve my goal. And then in the same breath, I’m telling myself to just run and not mess things up and time goals are for people who actually have a decent time in their sights.
  • Silly little things like race outfit becomes a matter of national importance. I’ve gone back and forth between what skirt to wear and I’m sure I caused rolled eyes in my running group when I asked them to vote for the skirt.
I’m just so ready for this to be done.

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