Goals for New Orleans

  • Plan A – 5:35 Finish at 13:00 paceI’d like to shoot for this, and I think I can achieve it. However, the weather is in the high 60s and I am not confident enough – of both the weather and my ability. I’m retaining this plan however, because you never know!
  • Plan B – 5:45 Finish at 13:15 pace
    This is my training pace on the flat this winter. All I have to do is – Run like I trained (starting slow and picking up), not do anything stupid and I should get there. Would be a 30min PR.
  • Plan C – Finish Smiling
    Something beyond my control has got to me, but I still need to keep my spirits up and finish smiling. Smiling makes for a much better experience regardless of time. 
  • Plan D – Finish the Darn Thing
    Either I’ve had some injury or I’ve probably already derailed by this time and just need to get across the line, get the medal and have my head examined.
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