Tips for Staying Healthy in Las Vegas

Tips for Staying Healthy in Las Vegas

Earlier this month was Rock N Roll Las Vegas, that I sadly had to miss due to family conflicts.  I’ve been to Las Vegas quite a few times but have never run the strip at night. My most recent trip was just last summer when LV was the final and the most luxurious destination after a 10 day mini grand circle tour of Grand Canyon National Park, Antelope Canyon and Page, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park. 

I loved running in the national parks that I was visiting, and I of course had to run in LV too! Most of my friends were incredulous but hey – why does LV get that rap about being all about indulgences?! It is perfectly easy to stay on a healthy course, in fact, it was easier for me at Las Vegas than it was in say Bryce Canyon where I had a very had time finding vegetarian food options at the national park. 

If you don’t believe me, here are some of my tips on staying healthy in Las Vegas.

Staying Healthy in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

… Unless it is those extra pounds you pack after a holiday of indulgence!! 

Pause to think before you hit that buffet and start loading up your plate! When you go to the all-you-can-eat buffet, see what you might like to get. Start with the salad bar and load up on the vegetables first. After that sample what the buffet has to offer. Limit yourself to 1-2 treats. 

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate … with Water

With so much to distract you, it is easy to forget that Las Vegas is in the middle of a dessert. It is very easy to become dehydrated without even noticing. To avoid that and to make sure that you are hydrating with water – drink atleast one tall glass of water per hour. When you ask for a drink at the machines, make sure to ask and drink a glass of water too. 


The strip is such a glitzy, busy place in the evenings that even though I was tempted to, I chose to run in the morning. I ran from my hotel Wynn to the other end of the strip to Mandalay Bay and back. There were some bridges that we had to go up instead of crossing the road, but for most part, it was a great peaceful morning run without traffic and crowds. 

Staying Healthy in Las Vegas
Photo: Women’s Running

Use the Hotel Gym

No matter where you are staying, hit the hotel gym for basics like treadmill and weights. I usually just run on the treadmill when I’m away from my “home gym”, but there are plenty of workouts that you could do – lots of HIIT workouts that you can find, or one from the countless fitness apps, or a CrossFit WOD posted online.

Staying Healthy in Las Vegas
Photo: The Wynn

Venture outside Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon State Park is just 30 minutes drive from the strip. Rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, trail running awaits you. Go at sunset to avoid the crowds and some marvelous photo ops.

Staying Healthy in Las Vegas

Did you know that you are just a couple of hours from Zion National Park? I had the best time at Zion and I ran the entire part – as in ran the trails at a stop, hopped on to the shuttle to the next stop, ran the trails there, hopped on to the shuttle to the next stop, ran there, … you get the story. 3-4 glorious hours of trail running! 

Exercise! Exercise Caution!

With the glitzy showlights of Las Vegas, we tend to forget the paths off the strip. Mr. FauxRunner ventured out and he said there were some routes that he wished he hadn’t taken. I had made him use the RoadID eCrumbs app which tells me if he’s stopped running; and also had turned on the “send my location” feature on his iPhone. So if I looked at his profile amongst my contacts in my phone, I could see where he was, or atleast where his phone was.

The next time we are in Las Vegas, he plans to reach out to local running groups and see if he can join them on a run. 

Traveling to Vegas?

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Disclaimer: While I was asked to consider writing about this topic, I was not compensated in any form. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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