Things that scare me

Things that scare me

There are some things (fitness related) that I am scared to do. Or out of my comfort zone. Or …
I figure if I put it out there, I will be able to face it and know that I need to overcome it.

  • Swimming in the Deep – Even a 6ft deep pool scares me. 
  • Weight training – Not scared of doing them, but scared of the soreness the day after (and the day after) and so I avoid it.
  • Pushups and Lunges – Lunges for the next day effect, and Pushups – because I can’t do even one all the way.
  • Speedwork/Tempo – Maybe the name is too technical
  • Pilates – I have a big empty “core” that I cannot find, and pilates is all about using my core so I avoid it.
  • Eating Veggies – This is a weird one for a vegetarian. But I seem to run away from veggies. I eat beans and lentils for protein, but veggies – what’s up with that?

Know what else scares me?

  • People who argue loudly and brow-beat me down.
  • Kids – I am forever afraid of so many things about my kids. I try to smile and put on a brave face.
  • UFOs – I saw a UFO movie/show when I was in 3rd grade. All the kids in class were talking about it the next day and adding gory details. Still remember it.

What things are you afraid of? What is holding you back from achieving your dreams or from becoming a better person?

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