Things to be Thankful for

Things to be Thankful for

Running injury free

After being plagued with injuries last year, I am thankful to have had an year of no injuries. Crossing fingers that this continues into Boston 2020.

Running with my kids

Running Friends

I always struggle to run with people at their pace so am extra grateful when people slow down to run with me.

Amazing trips to Japan and Germany

One trip a year is amazing as it is, but TWO overseas trips. Wow! I am spoilt and my wallet knows I’m crazy.

Running the Tokyo Marathon AND the Berlin Marathon

Getting to run two amazing world races (and finishing it). How much more lucky could I get!

Note: I HAVE purchased this photo, it was just easier to embed an Instagram photo.

Spending a reflecting birthday alone

I hiked up to the Appalachian Approach Trail and spent a night at Len Foote Hike Inn for my birthday. I needed that break and made me realize that I need some relaxation time that is not part running races.

Time with my parents in the summer

We traveled to Boulder, Colorado to visit my sister and then to Niagara Falls and Disney.

Volunteer projects at work

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