Three Things Thursday – Socks, Flan and Dunking

Three Things Thursday – Socks, Flan and Dunking

Three Things Tuesday or is it Three Things Thursday? I always get confused! Anyway, three random facts from the week. (I’ve been told that I need to make TTT more personal. And I tried. But I can’t think of one thing that happened in my personal life that would be interesting to someone else reading my blog! Maybe next week!

1. It is never too soon to plan runDisney costumes!

I got this in the ProCompression grab bag sale they had a couple of days ago. I never do grab bags, but I know that the ProCompression are great on my feet and they have cool colors that would definitely please me.

The lime green one immediately presented me with one of my costume ideas for the Dopey Challenge. It might be pretty easy to guess, but I’m not giving it away yet. (Hint: I’ve told my fellow Dopey buddies to get a lime green shirt and compression socks too 🙂 )

And now I’m trying to think of a costume with the yellow socks. Any ideas? No, I do not want to be Snow White. 🙂

Lime Green Compression Socks: Starting point for a runDisney costume!

2. When my wild side takes over in cooking

Not really, but when I feel wild and experimental, I tend to try something exotic (to me). This was one such experiment when I was feeling a little over enthusiastic. Flan – one of the fanciest, but simply decadent dessert. I had one too many eggs at home and decided to make flan for a party that my friend was hosting. Even though it turned out a little “squishier” than usual, one bite of it was enough to blissfully keep going back for more!

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 1.59.36 PM
Just eggs, milk and sugar!

3.  Body Fat Dunk Test

The less said about this the better, although I will be writing on this separately. Suffice to say, my body fat is on the lower end of “very poor”. (Wonder what the readings would be for people whose body composition is worse than me?!)

I need to loose weight, obviously. Since I’ve been trying to do that for a while without success, my goal numbers are more scary and depressing than motivating. However, I WILL be working on a plan to get through this. Numbers or not, eating more healthy is definitely better for me as an athlete.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 2.07.12 PM


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