Tomorrow, March 21

Tomorrow, March 21

… will be my first half marathon.
I’m super excited and super nervous.

In spite of being sick for the past 3-4 weeks and not having too many miles after my big 10mile run on Feb 21st, I have trained hard for this. Starting from not being able to run half a mile and wimping out at hills to being able to run for over 2 hours.

Ideally, I would like to finish around 2:45. But realistically, I will be happy with a good run beating the Sag Wagon at 3:00.

It is supposed to be cold, windy and rainy tomorrow. Ugh. Not conditions I like, especially as the cold wind forces mid-run potty breaks and I don’t need anything else to slow me down other than my own slow pace.

So come tomorrow, my alarm will be set for 4.30am. I will wake up Brinda to nurse her (unless she wakes up by herself before that), wait for Stephanie(babysitter from Sudha’s daycare) and leave home at 5.30am. Guru and I drive to MARTA at Dunwoody, and take the train downtown. The gun goes off at 7.00am, and it probably will be 7.15am before I cross the start line. And for the next 3 hours or so, determines what my body and mind is made of.

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