Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator

Vega sport Recovery Accelerator Review


As part of the FitApproach and VegaSport collaboration, I was sent a box of Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator to try. As a User Experience Architect and Brand Strategist in my real life, I looked at their Vega Sport’s campaign for #FuelYourBetter and was really impressed.

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Check out the #FuelYourBetter Campaign. You won’t be disappointed.

This is what the Vega Sport website has to say about their recovery accelerator  –

“The first all-natural, plant-based recovery drink mix specifically developed to address all six key elements of post-workout recovery:

  • muscle glycogen replenishment,
  • muscle tissue repair and protein synthesis,
  • hormonal support,
  • soft-tissue repair,
  • immune system support,
  • inflammation reduction and
  • rehydration.

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator also features a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, a combination shown to increase muscle glycogen re-synthesis – a crucial component of post-workout recovery.”

For about a week Mr. FauxTriathlete and I tried out the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator. This happened to be during the time when I was on lower run mileage (about 12-15 miles /week) and I was doing CrossFit 4-5 times/week. And yes, as can be expected, I was sore most of the time.

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Anyone else identify themselves with this?


I usually have a complete breakfast smoothie after my morning workouts and instead of my usual protein powder, I subbed the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator. I only had time to use the Recovery Accelerator for about a week, so I can’t say how effective it was. But I will say that I hit 2 PRs in CrossFit that week!

Banana, berries, broccoli, carrots, kale, chia, flax and Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator - ready for my Vitamix.
Banana, berries, broccoli, carrots, kale, chia, flax and Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator – ready for my Vitamix.

But since the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator was blended into a smoothie, I felt that I wasn’t a good judge on the taste and texture (which is a fairly important factor in choosing supplements to a lot of people). So I asked Mr. FauxTriathlete to help me out here.

Mr. FauxTriathlete hates all powders and shakes. He is very sensitive to texture and much prefer to eat a meal instead. But after the first time he tasted the recovery accelerator, he reached out for one after every workout himself. And that in itself is a testimony in favor of the product!

This is in his words (just like a celebrity, giving an interview!) –

How did you like the Recovery Accelerator?
“It mixes easily with water without lumps. I used a coffee mug to shake it.” (Accompanied by some domestic altercation about how I always misplace the blender bottle).

“I like the taste. It tastes of something instead of just being sweet sugar.”

Did you think it helped you?
“I have pushed to go faster on my runs. It could be consistent running or it could be the powder. I can’t tell yet.”

I think I will give the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator a longer try. Yes, that would be spending my money instead of being sent the product to try. I liked my PRs in cross fit and would like to see if I can translate it as I’m winding down on cross fit and moving towards Dopey Training.

How do you fuel after a workout? Have you tried any of the Vega products?

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