The week in numbers


  • Total Weekly Mileage – 3 miles
  • Long run with GFA – n/a
  • Sick Week
Daily Splits
  • M,T,W –        – pity party because of lower body cramps
  • Thursday – 3 miles of good strong tempo run. 2.5miles at 12:00 without stopping in between. Kenpo X (kickboxing) before the tempo run.
  • F – Onset of sickness
  • Saturday – Missed group run for a myriad of reasons (Body ache and sickness, too much going on that Saturday with run, lessons for DD(5), ballet recital, birthday parties and swim lessons – I just needed a breather, my car was completely out of gas and I was scared to fill up at 6:30am, etc etc etc)
  • Sunday – Trail run scheduled at the river with Big Peach, but missed out because the congestion took root in my chest
Odds and Ends
  • No regrets in missing the group run on Saturday. But I do regret not atleast walking in the beginning of the week. Moving my body would’ve helped with the cramps.
  • That tempo run has given me so much confidence that I can ultimately be at the speed of an average runner. When I first ran, I couldn’t do half a mile at 4.0, and this was 2.5miles at 5.0. 
  • I wonder why I keep getting sick so much. Not so much fever, but just congestion and cold from the germs that the kids bring home.
Training plan for next week
  • 20 weeks to Chicago. It has to get serious.
  • M – Walk (2 miles) + Core/Upper body Strength (30min)
  • T – Speed Intervals (4 miles) – this is subjective to how good I feel. If I’m not feeling better, it will be walking that distance.
  • W – Strength + Swim (I’ll hopefully be over the congestion to swim)
  • Th – Easy Run 
  • F – Swim with kids/Rest
  • S – Group run with GFA
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