The week in numbers

  • Total Mileage = 15 miles
  • Long Run = 7 miles
  • No cross training, but got my runs in
Daily Splits
  • M – 2 miles easy with a pounding sinus headache. More walking than running, but got them legs moving. Quick upper body + core while DD(5) was at her swim lesson.
  • T – 4 miles of Congested 800 speed intervals. 5 x 0.5 miles @ 5.1×2/5.2×2/5.5 (11:47/11:36/10:51) with 0.10miles of walk in between. Felt tough due to congestion and cough.
  • W – Canceled swim session.
  • Th – 2 miles easy tempo at 4.7mph/12:45. Could have gone on for another 1-1.5 miles as planned but DD(2) sick and crying interrupted me.
  • F – n/a
  • S – 7 miles with GFA (3 + 4 hilly miles) @14:02 Just not feeling it to run fast. Lack of hydration, lack of proper food, lack of sleep in the previous week. 
  • Su – n/a but made up for calories burned at DH’s birthday party.
Odds and Ends
  • Battling a bad congestion and cough.
  • Surviving with sick kiddos.
  • Went outside of home-office twice! Both days giving me the energy to come back and go for an evening run on the treadmill.
Plans for next Week
  • 19 Weeks to Chicago
  • M, T, Th – Run/walk to plan. Except – trying for an early morning 7 miles on Tuesday.
  • Squeeze in some cross training – when? I haven’t figured it out yet.
  • S – group run
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