Half way in

6 months into 2011 already! Time to take a look back at what I have accomplished so far.


  • 5k PR at Resolution Run on 1/1 (in pouring rain) in 37:07 @ 11:58. Last year’s time – 41:41
  • Half Marathon PR at the Publix GA Half Marathon in 2hrs 49min @ 12:45. Las Year’s time – 3hrs 9min.
  • (Have not run a 10k to see my progress)
Race Goals for the reminder of the year
  • 5k in under 35 minutes  (Revised goal in April)
  • 10k in under 1hr 15 minutes
  • Half Marathon in under 2hr 40 minutes
  • Complete Chicago Marathon Standing up. 
Ongoing Goals
  • Incorporate strength training – After neglecting this for the first 4 months, I’ve been doing a combination of 30 Day Shred/30 minutes of p90x/free weights. 
  • Yoga and Stretching to improve flexibility – The p90x DVDs are my goto for this. And I especially like the stretching one. I have been doing this once a week and am also taking time to stretch after every run and foam rolling 1-2 times a week to keep that ITB happy.
  • Swimming as crosstraining – I can’t get better without help, but I do need to be able to swim for a bit. And its a great asset to running. I have just started back swimming 1-2 times a week, and find that I have a lot of work to do to get over that initial panic.
  • To all my weekday training runs – I’m pretty proud of this in the past month. I’ve finally understood why 4 days of running and I am doing my best to stick to the schedule.
  • Speed intervals and Tempo – With my training plan calling for intensity workouts of much shorter duration that I’d tried earlier, it is easy for me to mentally prepare myself to attempt it.
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