2010 Bests and Worst races. What made them so great or not so great?

I saw this at Kitzzy’s Blog and loved it! Wanted to do the same (apologies in advance if I’m not supposed to borrow the format – I’m relatively new to non-personal blogging)

  • Biggest Achievement: ING Georgia Half Marathon – The first. My perseverance in training for it amazed me and made me realize that I could do things that I had thought impossible.
  • Biggest Achievement #2: Callaway Gardens Sprint Triathlon – I had to break rules and have a 2nd biggest achievement. Just getting through the swim part in the murky lake which did not have the promised standup depth – amazing!
  • Best Performance: Atlanta Thanksgiving Half Marathon – My 3rd Half of the year and I broke Sub-3 by 11 seconds. It was amazing how I rallied back after hitting the wall at 11.5miles, and a sub-10:00 pace the last 0.5miles to get a sub-3 time.
  • Worst Race: All those races I DNS (Did Not Start) Peachtree 10k Road Race (DH’s appendix operation the night before), Labor Day 10k (Bronchitis), Vibha 5k (Bronchitis) – I don’t think I did very many races for one to be the worst. Or, I just enjoy doing races no matter how slow I am.
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