Revisiting 2010

Revisiting 2010

Jan 1st Resolution Run 5k: 41min 48sec (My first race after I started attempting to run. All previous “races” were casual walks)
Jan Mileage – 61miles (wow !!! How did I do that??)

Feb 6th Chattahoochee Challenge 10k: 1hr 24min (I finished so slow that all the food was gone)
Feb Mileage – 55miles

March 20st ING Georgia Half Marathon: 3hrs 9min (My very FIRST. Sooooo proud of myself)

April – Total inertia after the major effort it took to get to the Half.  Started back working after an 18month break.
Mileage – 16miles 

May – More swimming than running in preparation for the Sprint Triathlon. Spin classes galore.
Running Mileage – 12 miles
Swim Mileage – 20miles
Bike Mileage – 10miles (just 2 rides outdoors)

June 21 Callaway Gardens Sprint Triathlon – 1:28:38 (18:24/4:49/37:29/2:26/25:32) Bad swimming experience, but I lived to tell the tale

July – DNS at the Peachtree Road Race 10k because Guru had his appendix taken out the day before. Slowly started building a base again for Oct’s 13.1
Running Mileage – 45 miles

August – Toyed with the idea of Acworth’s Sprint Triathlon, but gave it up after the Calloway’s bad swim experience. DH was traveling and being a single parent was taking its toll on me and my miles, and sick as a dog the last 2 weeks with bronchitis.
Running Mileage – 38 miles

September – DNS at the Labor Day 10k classic. Was still recovering sick. But pulled in big numbers during the long run weekends. Also got help from Big Peach about my cramping issue. Did not swim any after my sickness.
Running Mileage – 52 miles

October 3 13.1 – 3hrs 2min 40sec. Was aiming desperately for a sub-3, but fell short. Although I enjoyed the race and I did not cramp up.
Mileage – 39 miles (another slump after the race and the cold weather acclimitazation)

November 25 Atlanta Thanksgiving Half Marathon – 2hrs 59min 49sec I made a sub-3 time !!!! This after hitting the WALL at 11.5miles. The wall is not a pleasant experience.
Running Mileage – 41mile (weekday running suffered, but I did 8-10mile long runs in the afternoon faithfully)

December – Celebrating my first running anniversary. Started gym at work and trying a little speedwork after a good warmup class. And looks like I did get a little faster, atleast on completely fast surfaces.
Running Mileage – 43 miles

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