Goals for 2011



Improve my 5k speed from 37min to under 36 by the end of the year. And get to 2:45-2:50 in a half marathon.

·      Continue with the speedwork and tempo runs once a week. They DO payoff.

·      Once a week of weights, and once a week of boxing. Toning up helps speed up too.

Go for the FULL – Chicago Oct 9, 2011.

It seems like a looooong time away. But I AM going to do it (unless I have to go to India during Aug-Oct). I’m going to join a running group in spring and train for it.

Do another Sprint Triathlon without the fear of drowning

I am going to sign back up for swimming lessons to improve my swim speed. I am trying to target the May Irongirl, but that looks doubtful. So August at Acworth. Subject to change though depending on the India trip.

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