7 Days to Marine Corps Marathon

7 Days to Marine Corps Marathon

It’s 7 days to Marine Corps Marathon – 1 week from now I’ll be at the start line. I’m continuing to document my taper tantrums and perhaps later laugh at some of the crazy stuff.

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Taper Craziness

I’ve managed to keep my nerves under control for most part. Sometimes, however, stress of regular life gets to me and sometimes I’m suddenly overcome by nerves. Usually I eat when I’m stressed (not proud of that, and I’m working on it) or I shop online. This time I shopped online and ended up getting these two beauties. 


All eyes were on Kona on Saturday as we watched an incredible run by Patrick Lange to win and incredible heart by Lionel Sanders to hang on for 2nd. And then Sunday was IM Louisville, which brought out tales of grit and determination from so many athletes I knew.  

The Weather

Expect to see me finish in the full sun. I’m prepared to greet the sun and channel the power of the sun to my race.

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