Acworth Women’s Sprint Triathlon

Acworth Women’s Sprint Triathlon

Tri-ing again was a great feeling. An almost first time and this time, I loved it!

Having registered for the race at a rather last minute, I was surprisingly calm and not nervous at all. Sure I was nervous about the swim and hills on the bike, but nothing that is close to the near state of nervous wreck I usually am on race day! Having friends to come cheer us on at some insane early hours sure helped!

Hamming it up before the swim start
Hamming it up before the swim start
Great to have amazing supporters and mentors to cheer us on!
Great to have amazing supporters and mentors to cheer us on!


The Swim

I was prepared for the open water portion of the swim. While the rest of my purple cap-group went in, I took some deep breaths before entering the water. As advised, I waded in until I was chest deep and then started swimming. I had no problem clearing the first turn. My plan was to stay on the outside of the course. However, with some horrible sighting, I ended up swimming in the best possible spot, right next to the buoys. Half way through the swim, the fast swimmers of the next wave caught up to me. I had a moment of insane panic and started kicking harder to enforce my swim space. I also took longer strokes, so I was able to calm myself on the recovery stroke.

Towards the very end of the swim, I was whacked in my head really hard. Hard enough to see stars! Luckily, the end was just there!

Swim Time: 13:28 (This could’ve been just a tad faster. Maybe a minute if I had not taken my sweet time to relax and swim. But that is still way way slower than the “normal” swim time)


Celebrating the smooth swim
Celebrating the swim

T1: 1:28
I was thrilled enough that my swim was smooth and I almost forgot that I had two other legs to complete!

The Bike

This was definitely my weakest leg – I had been riding only a very short time. My longest distance was only 20 miles, I rode mostly on flat columns and yet averaged well below 13 on “easy”, I still didn’t have clipless pedals and I was completely under prepared. However, I wanted to give it everything I had. Not a good triathlon strategy, but that was what I planned.

And I did give it my all. I suffered very badly on the hills; girls on mountain bikes were passing me on the hills. But on the flats and downhills, I hit it hard. I don’t know what my speed was, but I know it was good.

Towards the end, the two speed bumps close to each other got me! I negotiated one successfully, but hitting the other made me lose control and I’m surprised I didn’t fall off!

Bike Time: 57min (I was thinking it would be 1hr 5-10min, was hoping I could do it under 60min. So 57min, while still slow, was a very happy one for me)

T2: 40 seconds

Ready for some hills!
Ready for some hills!

The Run

Holy Hills!! The course went up from the lake level to street level over 3.1 miles. I don’t think I encountered any flat/downhill portion! By the time I passed Mile 1, I was ready to be done. I knew it was a hilly course, but was just not ready for so many of the hills!

My original plan was to have a strong run, but when I was hitting the bike hard, I changed it to having a happy run instead.

Run Time: 39:05 (I would have gone until 39 if I had not stopped to talk during the last 0.5 miles. And avr. pace was 12:35, which wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, considering that my quads were completely trashed from the bike)


Fun finish although I may have scandalized the tri world by flippantly wearing a skirt :)
Fun finish although I may have scandalized the tri world by flippantly wearing a skirt 🙂
But seriously – WHAT is going on with my legs there? They look so … ugh!

Total Time: 1: 51:XX
(I was expecting to finish in 2hrs – 2hrs 10min, so this was a huge surprise!)

Its celebration time!
Its celebration time!

I loved doing this race. Enjoyed the race experience and more importantly, enjoyed training for it. I took it seriously and carefully worked my way through the training instead of taking the attitude “eh-it is “only” a ..” that I seem to have developed of late. Summer break for the kids helped me not miss workouts. And my mind appreciated the diverse training by not getting bored with just running.

I don’t know if I will ever be a proper “triathlete”; I still think it takes a LOT of time and coordination with kids and work and everything else. But I am glad I decided to face up to my fears and stepped up to the challenge.

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