Ants in my Pants!

Ants in my Pants!

Not really. But that is the closest to what I felt like running my first sweet 16 miles!

My previous long(er) run was 15 miles 2 weeks ago, just when I was going down with sickness. Needless to say, it was a very long 15 miles. Entering this Saturday, I felt surprisingly calm with an undercurrent of excitement at pushing to a distance that can be best called borderline insane (26.2 – now THAT is insane).

The run was to be in Decatur, a fall back week for the rest of the group. The Chicago 4 met at 5:30am for 4 miles before joining the group for 12 more. In the darkness, and the hills, it felt like the longest 4 miles ever!

And then the actual run.

Like always, the group quickly split into 2. The faster energizer bunnies (including the 3 other Chicago peeps), and the rest. I usually bring up the Caboose with a couple of others. I was the caboose, but I was one focused caboose today! All chatter around me was idle, I don’t remember one bit. All I know is I kept going. Just going on and on and on and on. Yes, it was hot hilly and humid. But none of it registered with me! I just went on!

The last 2 miles, I really took off. I was going for 16 and I was going for a strong 16!

A really choppy hilly course, but maintained a nice steady pace all through!

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