Boston Marathon 2015

Boston Marathon 2015

Monday was “Marathon Monday” with Boston Marathon 2015 and thanks to the world of the interwebz, people in office cubicles in places like Atlanta were able to watch the live streaming of the race. And once the elite coverage was done, we were able to follow it through twitter, facebook and other social media.  

Every marathon is inspiring. And with its huge history, the Boston Marathon is no less inspiring. The fact that you have to qualify to run the marathon (or raise money for charity) gives it something of a awe-worthy status. I’d love to say that the Boston Marathon is in my bucket list, but it is more like an Unicorn list (I think I can qualify to run when I turn 80; if I continue running at the same pace as now). That makes me glued to the live stream following the amazing people who are running it.  

And these are five of my favourite moments of the Boston marathon 2015.  

Boston Marathon 2015

Elite Women’s Race

The elite women’s race was a sprint finish. To the very last. They turned onto Boylston Street, the final turn to the finish line, step in step and just when it looked like Dibaba had the edge, Rotich stepped up and pushed in for the finish. The look on both their faces as they were giving it their all was telling and the smile Rotich had as she passed and knew she had it in the bag. This is a sprint to be watched and to be learnt from.

Winning the Boston Marathon, for himself

When Desisa won the Boston Marathon in 2013, the memories of the race for the public was unfortunately the bombing photos and not the champions. A few months later, he came back to Boston and donated his winner’s medal to the city and his bib to a couple injured in the blast. 

This year, he won it and he got to keep it for himself. Read the story here.
(Although this story is more about 2 years ago, it warmed my heart to have him win this year.)

desisa medal Boston Marathon 2015
Photo: NYTimes

Meb Keflezhgi

Meb Keflezhgi, 2014 Boston Marathon winner, was with the lead pack but fell back (we’d learn later that he threw up five time after mile 23). As he was near the finish, Meb reached out and grabbed the hand of Hilary Dionne, an elite women’s runner who was finishing at the same time. They crossed the finish hand in hand. Because that’s what sportsmanship is – to uplift others. Read the story here.


Meb Dionne Boston Marathon 2015

The last finisher (not official) of the marathon

The official last person to finish was Dave McGillivray, the Boston Marathon race director, who also runs the course at night long after the rest of the finishers have reached the finish line on Boylston Street. This year, way after Dave McGillivray finished, there was one more person out of the roads inching ahead slowly. 

Maickel Melamed of Venezuela, with muscular dystrophy that makes it difficult to move around, walked for nearly 20 hours to finish the 2015 Boston Marathon. And he still had the humour to joke that he was late. Read the story here. 

Muscular Dystrophy Boston Marathon
Photo: CBSBoston

Bombing Survivor  takes life back

“This is the day…I take my life back.” She posted before the race and she did.
Injured after the first blast in 2013, Rebekah Gregory had her leg amputated last November. As she crossed the finish line, she knelt down and embraced the ground just after the finish line, crying. Read the story here.

Rebekah Boston Marathon 2015
Photo: MyFoxBoston

Did you run or watch the Boston Marathon?
What were your favorite moments?

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