The Mecca of all Marathons

Almost everyone who runs long distance is aware of this special event – The Boston Marathon. One of the Race Director’s started the event after attending an Olympics marathon; and selected the Patriot’s day to celebrate the US’s great runner – Paul Revere. Its since grown in prestige and getting a BQ (Boston Qualifier) is a huge huge deal.

This day, all records were smashed as the first 4 male runners broke the world record. 2:03:02 – An amazing time ! But it really wasn’t an official certified course because of the hills!

Kudos to all the “normal people” or mortals (as John ‘The Penguin’ Bingham refers to) who ran Boston today. Even more kudos to all the people who try to get a BQ to be part of an elite group. Even more kudos to all those people who have been inspired to run a marathon (or just plain run) after seeing this amazing display of elite¬†athleticism.

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