Brooks Adrenalin

After Dr. Peebles told me to change from the Saucony Guide 5 to avoid the heel drop to help my calves, I’ve been looking for a replacement shoe (Which really is the most stressful thing, even more than finding a new hairdresser!)

  • Stability
  • Support for mild-moderate overpronation
  • Cushioning
So far I’ve run 2 times with the Brooks – once with my kids, and once on the treadmill for 4.5 miles. Since the former is not sufficient enough to judge the shoe, I will have to rely on my treadmill miles.
  • The Brooks Adrenalin feels super comfortable to wear, almost like nothing. And very similar to my Saucony Guide 4.
  • The cushioning feels adequate for my heel and foot.
  • It feels like has a slight extra arch support than my Guide 4 did.
  • When I ran with them, my shin did bother me for the first 2 minutes after which it faded away. This happened all 4 times when I stopped to drink water and walked during that time. Everytime I picked back up running, my shin bothered me.
I know that one 4 mile run is hardly a reliable decision maker. However, if this shin thingie persists after a few more trials (even if it fades away after I’m running for more than 2 minutes), the Adrenalins goes back and I come home with the Asics GT 2170.
Brooks Adrenalin
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