Cherish your Mother Runner

When Mother’s day rolls around and my husband asks me what I want, I’ve always said that I wanted to sleep in, breakfast in bed, be pampered, … and all the whole nine yards. Now that I’m a faux runner, I never sleep past 6:30am, crumbs in bed are harder to clean, and  prefer a hard sports massage instead of an expensive back rub.
As a mother and a runner, what would my perfect Mother’s Day be like?
A long run in the morning actually starts the night before. Send Mom off to an early bedtime and take over bedtime for the kids. Convince them, bribe them or threaten them so they don’t disturb Mom as her body gets prepped for the AM run.
A cute running outfit makes running so much more exciting. 
Running is really the easiest part of my day as this tank from Another Mother Runner proclaims. White Paisely Running Skirt makes for a good for a summer morning run outfit. 

If Mom’s running shoes outnumber her dress shoes,  she could totally glam up her run in this Ritz skirt by SparkleSkirts and Run Like a Mother tank.


After the run, Mom could use a good book to take her mind off the ice bath laced with Epsom salts.
And some runner-style pampering for her calfs while she takes a well deserved nap
While she naps, surprise her by hanging up her medals or race bibs with one of the awesome medal hangers.
When you take mom out to dinner, ask her about her run. Bring up memories of her best race and take the time to listen to her race stories. Ask her about her splits, and pace, and fuels, and elevation, and everything. Take the time to ask her to verbalize her goals and dreams, even if you think they are impossible.  You may not need these yurbuds to listen to her talk, but she might appreciate it to take along on her runs.
Complete her day by presenting her with a thoughtful gift basket make of her favorite Gu, Gels, Drinks and a gift card so she can stop for a quick drink or snack after her run. 
Above all, love the mom in your life, love the runner in your life. Cherish the mother runner in your life.

ps: Everything I’ve mentioned here are products that I’ve used and loved. This is what my perfect mother’s day would be like, I’ve not been asked to write about it by any of the products. 
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